The Best Of Maranatha! Volume 2

1. Parable: Come Untangled/2. Erick Nelson & Michele Pillar: Soldiers Of The Cross/3. Mustard Seed Faith: Sweet Jesus Morning/4. Sweet Comfort: When I Was Alone/5. Daniel Amos: Father's Arms/6. Gentle Faith: Jerusalem/7. Praise Strings: Sing Hallelujah/8. Parable: Got To Decide/9. Sweet Comfort: Childish Things/10. Daniel Amos: Shotgun Angel/11. Karen Lafferty: Beautiful Day/12. Maranatha! Singers: My Peace


Maranatha! Album Discography


Robin Lane - Heart Connection

1. Hard Cover/2. Believe In You/3. Shot In The Dark/4. True Confessions





Q. Stone & Pro Fide

1. Soul Walls/2. Song Of Barabbas/3. You Did It For Me/4. The Final City



The Winans - Long Time Comin'

1. If Ever I Fall/2. J-E-S-U-S/3. Long Time Comin' (Holdin' On)/4. A Gift Without A Giver/5. You Are Everything To Me/6. Don't Be Deceived/7. Finder's Keepers/8. If I Labor/9. I Love You/10. For We May Never Know


Pat Boone - He Leadeth Me

1. He Leadeth Me/2. I Am Thine, O Lord/3. Blessed Assurance/4. Take The Name Of Jesus With You/5. What A Friend We Have In Jesus/6. Nearer My God To Thee/7. Rock Of Ages/8. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning/9. I Love To Tell The Story/10. God Will Take Care Of You/11. Saviour Like A Shepferd Lead Us/12. God Be With You Till We Meet Again



Pat Boone - Something Supernatural

1. Something Supernatural/2. Fool's Wisdom/3. What A Song/4. You'll Start Falling In Love/5. Didn't He/6. You Were On His Mind/7. Don't Give Up On Jesus/8. Way Out Jesus/9. U.F.O./10. Wings Of Fire/11. Lord



LP Discography



Legion - Evening Dance

1. Evening Dance/2. Short Of Glory/3. Wild Rivers/4. Rachel/5. Everything/6. Still Falls The Rain/7. Young Lovers/8. Earth Under Foot/9. Throughout The Years/10. Yeldem




Jerusalem - Jerusalem (Volume 1 - Swedish Version)

1. Tänk Om Jesus Har Rätt/2. Noa/3. Kanske/4. Pappa Vem Har Gjort/5. Mr Ego/6. Kom Till Mej/7. Om Du Lyssnar/8. Dagarna Går/9. Jesus Är Det Underbaraste/10. Hög Tid/11. Fångsång/12. Neutral




Aunt Bettys - Aunt Bettys

1. Jesus/2. Mother Trucker/3. Star Baby/4. Skinny Bones Jones/5. Lush/6. Feel/7. Rocket & A Bomb/8. Addict/9. Speeder Mode/10. Kitty Courtesy/11. Little Fighter/12. Suicide Sex Doll/13. Jane/14. Cruel/15. Double/16. Rock And Roll


Michael Knott interview

Split Level - glo.bal

1. Everything/2. Twister/3. Emily/4. Healed/5. The Things I Do/6. Shrinking Brain/7. Circles/8. If I Should/9. Leave/10. Fly/11. Pinlight/12. Got My Number

Album Review


The Joy Brigade MySpace

Adrian Thompson (Split Level)

- Lead vocals and guitar


Rex Humbard - All Time Favorite Gospel Songs And Poems

1. Beyond The Sunset and poem "Should You Go First"/2. Sweet Bye And Bye/3. Where The Roses Never Fade/4. God's Potted Flower/5. Old Rugged Cross/6. Precious Lord Take My Hand/7. Last Mile Of The Way with poem, "Me, Pap And Mother"/8. Just A Little Talk With Jesus/9. Jericho Road/10. Battle Hymn Of The Republic with poem, "The Ragged Old Flag"



Contagious - Free Indeed

1. Free Indeed/2. Fighting The Good Fight/3. Backslider/4. Building On The Rock/5. The Provider/6. Hebrews 13:8/7. Turn/8. To The King/9. Children Of The Father


Perry & The Poor Boys - Poor Is Better

1. Guns/2. What/3. Air/4. I Am Where You Stand/5. Ransomed/6. Winter/7. School Is Cool/8. Live Like You Mean It/9. It Must Be Hard For God/10. Walking In Time



Jacob's Trouble - Jacob's Trouble

1. Wild, Wild Ride/2. Lovehouse/3. Desiree/4. This Moment/5. It's A Boys', Boys', Boys', Boys' World/6. Best Part Of Me/7. Time Bomb/8. Better Days/9. Tears Of An Angel/10. Lovin' Kindness/11. Way Of The Cross/12. Let Me Love On You


Jacob's Trouble - Door Into Summer

1. Wind And Wave/2. Tell Me What You See/3. She Smiles At The Future/4. Church Of Do What You Want To/5. Awfully Familiar/6. Waiting For The Son/7. Door Into Summer/8. If You Believe/9. Million Miles/10. All For You/11. Psalm 151



Norlins - Go Go Gospel

1. We'll Have A Time/2. Han Är Underbar/3. He's Got The Whole World/4. All The Way/5. Lägg Din Hand I Handen/6. Jesus On The Mainline/7. I'm Singing God's Praise/8. I'm Gonna Walk/9. He Is My Savior/10. Oh Happy Day



David And The Giants - Distant Journey

1. Never Had It So Good/2. Time On My Side/3. Anchored Deep/4. Always On My Mind/5. Do You Feel What I Feel/6. Quiet Faith/7. Tear It Down/8. Let Go Let God/9. Can't Live Without You/10. Distant Journey/11. Easy Loving You



Christian-Charles De Plicque - Cross Roads

1. Dreamer Schemer/2. You Are/3. I've Got!/4. Tryin' Times/5. Never Had A Dream Come True/6. He's The One/7. My Name Is Love/8. Heaven Bound/9. Tightrope!/10. Live With Peace



Q. Stone - Provinssirock 1991 Live

1. High Winds/2. Waiting For The Dawn/3. Walk In The Rain/4. Blue View/5. Can't Hold Out/6. Open Door

Live in Seinäjoki, Finland (Provinssirock Festival, June 1991)



Ric Alba - Holes In The Floor Of Heaven

1. Heaven (Prelude)/2. Edge Of A Hurricane/3. Hold My Hand/4. Laughter/5. Under Lock And Chain/6. Truly Helpless/7. Rain In Amsterdam/8. Pretty Blue Things/9. See You In Person/10. The Secret World/11. Holes In The Floor Of Heaven/12. In The Heart Of God

Altar Boys bassist solo album


Tõnis Mägi - Tõnis

1. Laul Voimalusest (Song About A Chance)/2. Vikerkaar (Rainbow)/3. Come Holy Spirit/4. Aeg Antud... (The Time For Everything)/5. Kaja (Echo)/6. Sopradele (For Friends)/7. Uus Jerusalem (New Jerusalem)/8. Liivakell (Sand-Glass)/9. Koit (Daybreak)/10. Palve (Prayer)



Pat Nobody - Nobody Special

1. Sliding Backwards/2. That Feelin'/3. Come Around/4. I Was/5. Dissertation/6. We Are Confident/7. People Who/8. Killin' Time/9. Burnt/10. I Wonder/11. Numb/12. Get Off The Air/13. Ain't That Hard/14. Separation/15. Deeper Things



Veil Of Ashes - Pain

1. The Times They Are A Changin'/2. And They Call It Love/3. Without Eyes/4. Corpse/5. Suicide/6. She/7. Take My Hand/8. The Cross Was His Own/9. Hide Me/10. Come Unto Me


Bryn Haworth - Mountain Mover

1. Mountain Mover/2. Forever In Love/3. Reeling And Rocking/4. Slipping And Falling/5. Land Of The Living/6. Teach Me Your Way/7. Victory Song/8. Making The Most Of What You've Got/9. Saturday Morning/10. Nature Of Man



With Christ - Salaisuus

1. Johdanto: Agnus Dei/2. Torppa-Blues/3. Kiitoslaulu/4. Isä Meidän/5. Kohtaamispaikka/6. Hoosianna/7. Agnus Dei/8. Ylösnousemuslaulu/9. Rokkipappi (Rock And Roll Preacher - Chuck Girard)/10. Kanssain Käy/11. Uusi Koti/12. Laula Halleluja (Sometimes Halleluja - Chuck Girard)/13. Goin' Home



Greenbelt Live! - The Soundtrack Of The Film

Recorded live at the Greenbelt Festival, Odell, Bedfordshire between 24th - 27th August 1979 on the RAK Records Mobile.

1. Bryn Haworth: Working For Love/2. Giantkiller: Kingdom Come/3. Lamb: I'm Going To Build My World Around You/4. Cliff Richard: Yes, He Lives/5. Kainos: Put A Little Love In Your Heart/6. Garth Hewitt: May You Live To Dance (On Your Own Grave)/7. Vatten: Dreamer/8. Aleksander John: Bittersweet Song/9. Randy Stonehill: Good News/10. Larry Norman: Let The Tape Keep Rolling