David Eastman - The Hands Of God

1. The Hands Of God/2. Remember I'm Coming Back Soon/3. Something To Believe In/4. Let All Israel Rejoice/5. The Power Of Love/6. Don't Stop Don't Give Up/7. Time Steals By/8. Resurrection Day/9. You Came Along/10. I'm Forgiven/11. The Hands Of God (Reprise)



Sidewalk - Gryning

1. Vänner Igen/2. Som Solen Värmer Havet/3. Big Bang/4. Besöket/5. Maria/6. Om Visor/7. Mod Att Leva/8. Gryning/9. I Dina Ögon/10. Afton



Garth Hewitt - Road To Freedom

1. Road To Freedom/2. Freedom Fighter/3. Water Water/4. Nero's Watching Video/5. No One Is An Island/6. Namirembe/7. Rainbow Over Kampala/8. So Much Better/9. Zacharian The Zulu/10. Living Under The Mercy



First Nashville Jesus Band - Welcome To Nashville

Link 1. He Is Coming Soon/2. Why/3. Swing Low Sweet Chariot/4. What A Friend We Have In Jesus/5. Gloryland March/6. Bridge Over Troubled Waters/7. Daddy Sang Bass/8. Amazing Grace/9. I Am A Pilgrim/10. Nearer My God To Thee/11. I'll Fly Away/12. Family Bible



Jamie Owens - Growing Pains

1. Hard Times/2. I've Never Had To Go This Far Before/3. The Father's Song/4. Singin' Hallelujah/5. New Jerusalem/6. The Victor/7. Fly Away With Me/8. My Prayer For You/9. Many Times/10. My Jesus, I Love Thee



Jon Gibson - Love Education

1. Possessed By Love/2. Someday Paradise/3. Jesus/4. So Blue/5. Love Education/6. Stand My Ground/7. The Narrow Road/8. Trust In Me/9. The Days Gone By/10. The End



Jon Gibson - Jesus Loves Ya

1. Enough Is Enough/2. Love Come Down/3. Jesus Loves Ya Intro/4. Jesus Loves Ya/5. From Heaven/6. Call On My Love/7. Everlasting/8. Straight On/9. Preacher Man/10. In Too Deep/11. Forever Now/12. His Love Is Strong/13. Watching All My Days Go By




Dallas Holm - Peace, Joy And Love

1. Peace, Joy And Love/2. If I Had To Do All Over Again/3. Jesus (He Is The Son Of God)/4. Life In Jesus/5. Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul - He Is Lord - For He Alone Is Worthy/6. Nothing But The Blood/7. Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life/8. Then He Showed Me How To Live/9. There Is A Light/10. Life Never Came Easily/11. Make Me A New Creature




Evie & Pelle Karlsson - Teach Us Your Way

1. Teach Us Your Way/2. I Love This Family Of God/3. The Lord Will Fight For You/4. Changed Into Your Likeness/5. The Lord Is My Strength/6. We Have Come Here/7. Our God Reigns/8. We Are Here At Your Throne/9. Worthy, Worthy Is The Lamb/10. Jesus' Prayer/11. The Lord Is Close To Them/12. He Will Come To Us


Tom Netherton - What A Friend We Have In Jesus

1. What A Friend We Have In Jesus/2. You Don't Have To Know The Reason/3. Turn Your Life Over To Jesus/4. No Longer Strangers/5. Lord, Take Control Of Me/6. Love Theme (from "Spirit Of 76")/7. If I Could Pretend (from "Sonlife")/8. Shadow Of The Cross/9. Mother, I Love You/10. Father, Lead Me Day By Day



Gary Rand - Break That Ground

1. Family Of Love/2. Isaiah 58/3. You Have Turned My Sorrow Into Dancing (Psalm 30:11)/4. Let Justice Roll Down (Amos 5)/5. Time Of Jubilee/6. Break That Ground (Hosea 10:12)/7. Psalm 146/8. Pass The Peace/9. Communion Song/10. Narrow Way/11. Psalm 121



Living Praise - Christ For The Nations Volume One

1. Jesus/2. His Eye Is On The Sparrow/3. My Jesus I Love Thee/4. Bless The Lord/5. I Know He's Mine/6. For Those Tears I Died/7. Fill My Cup/8. I Find No Fault In Him/9. A Name I Highly Treasure/10. He's My Comfort/11. Blessed Assurance




Licence - Högt Spel

1. Delade Meningar/2. Högt Spel/3. Över/4. Frågor/5. Helt Nöjd/6. Ingen Ände/7. Vänliga Ord/8. Mänskligt Värde/9. Funderingar/10. Du Är Hos Mig


Bruce Low - Noah

1. Noah/2. Every Time I Feel The Spirit


The Imperials - The Imperials

1. A Brighter Day/2. Slow Down/3. Gospel Ship/4. Can We Get To That/5. Didn't He Shine/6. Heaven Help Us All/7. Beautiful/8. Look What You Have Done To Me/9. You Should Have Come Sooner/10. Invocation




Jeff Johnson - Fallen Splendor

1. Looking For God (Using A Spotlight)/2. Old Germany/3. Mere Breath/4. Time Waits For You/5. Wind And Water/6. Monet's Failing Eyes/7. Fallen Splendor/8. He Is Not Here/9. Receive Your Sight/10. Sacrament (I Will Not Forget You)/11. Poem



The The - I Saw The Light

1. I Saw The Light/2. I'm Free At Last/3. Someday You'll Call My Name/4. There's No Room In My Heart For The Blues




Martyn Joseph - Ballads ... In Quieter Moments

Link 1. Handle With Care/2. He'll Be There/3. A Father's Love/4. Time After Time/5. Teach Me Your Ways/6. I Could Not Do Him Justice/7. As You Intend/8. Look Into His Eyes/9. Ballad For The Children Of Ireland/10. What Can I Do?



Tarvo - My Own Way

1. My Own Way/2. Freedom/3. Clear Water Flows/4. Wondrous Memories/5. U 2/6. The Way Of Triumph/7. The Glow And The Wind/8. Living Puppetshow/9. Love In Frightened Eyes/10. You Came


Martyn Joseph - Sold Out

1. Sold Out/2. The Power Of Your Love/3. Beautiful Woman/4. Jealous Love/5. I've Put My Life In His Hands/6. Dance Out Of The Shadows/7. Heaven She Said/8. Look Into His Eyes/9. Standing On Tiptoe/10. Time After Time



Undercover - Devotion

1. Work It Out/2. Man, Oh Man/3. Sea Of Tranquility/4. Purple Flower/5. Devotion/6. Promenade/7. Where I Should Be/8. Dark Night/9. All That I Am/10. So Wonderful



Undercover - So Wonderful (Cornerstone festival 2000 live)

Jimmy & Carol Owens featuring Pat Boone - Come Together: A Musical Experience In Love

1. Come Together/2. His Name Is Jesus/3. He Is Here/4. Turn Our Hearts/5. Come Together (Reprise)/6. Clap Your Hands/7. Hallelujah! His Blood Avails For Me/8. Doxology/9. Holy Holy/10. Come Together (Reprise)/11. Freely, Freely/12. Greet Somebody In Jesus' Name/13. People Of God/14. Blest Be The Tie That Binds/15. May I Introduce You To A Friend/16. All We Like Sheep/17. God So Loved The World/18. Is He Coming For You?/19. Finale



Kenny Marks - Another Friday Night

1. Running On Love/2. Whisperin' A Prayer/3. Hope For A Broken Heart/4. I'll Be A Friend To You/5. Next Time You See Johnny/6. Nobody Else But Jesus/7. Graduation Day/8. Threshold Of Regret/9. Somebody Loves You/10. You Made A Difference For Me




Nutshell - Begin Again

1. Love With No Limit/2. Don't Let Me Fall/3. Caroline/4. In The Father's Hand/5. Starry Eyed And Laughing/6. First Snow/7. Take Me Down/8. Stay Close/9. The Dancer/10. Heaven In Your Heart


Ev. Daniel Matondo Kiyedi & L'espeglo - Chrétien Réveille-toi

1. Souvient-toi/2. Nous Te Louons/3. Yawe/4. Au Secours/5. Chercher La Paix/6. Chretien Reveille-toi/7. Everywhere/8. La Reconnaissance/9. Nom Le Faineant/10. In Africa/11. Elenge/12. Almighty/13. Intrument



Godrock - Live At Joel's Place

1. Wild Horses/2. Upon This Rock/3. Be Released/4. Joel's Place/5. Sing To Him A New Song/6. Fall On Me/7. Breathe/8. Take My Hand/9. Trample On The Ashes/10. Crowns Down/11. Lift Me Up/12. Take Away The Veil/13. New Shoes Blues



John Michael Talbot - The Lord's Supper

1. Prelude/2. We Shall Stand Forgiven/3. Glory To God/4. Creed I/5. Creed II/6. Holy, Holy, Holy/7. Lord's Prayer/8. Communion Song/9. Lamb Of God





Carson Cole & RU4 - Mainstreet

1. Mainstreet/2. Donna/3. Cheating/4. Hailstones/5. Fight/6. Kingdom Come/7. Bradley/8. Hollywood And God/9. Serenity/10. Emanuel



Seven Signs - Seven Signs

1. Ain't Got Nothin'/2. Feels Like Love/3. Forever In Love/4. Turn It On



Undercover - 3-28-87

1. Is Anyone Thirsty/2. I'm Just A Man/3. God Rules/4. Three Nails/5. Boys & Girls/6. I Love God/7. Cry Myself To Sleep/8. Darkest Hour/9. Build A Castle/10. Pilate/11. You And I/12. I'd Rather Say/13. One To One/14. Come Away With Me/15. If I Had A Dream



Altar Boys - Against The Grain

1. Fallen World/2. Kids Are On The Run/3. Hearts Lost In Nowhere/4. Broken/5. Where's The New World/6. Against The Grain/7. Human Sound/8. Take Control/9. Shout Louder!/10. Count On Love




Various Artists - Christian People Vol. 1

1. Andrae Crouch & The Disciples: Christian People/2. Pat Boone: I Wish We'd Been All Ready/3. The Imperials: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man/4. Children Of The Day: Can I Show You/5. First Nashville Jesus Band: Jesus Is Coming Soon/6. Danny Lee & The Children Of The Truth: One Way/7. Pat Boone And The First Nashville Jesus Band: Me And Jesus/8. Debby Kerner: Amen, Praise The Lord/9. Andrae Crouch & The Disciples: Too Close/10. 2nd Chapter Of Acts: I'm So Happy/11. The Archers: It Won't Be Long/12. The Imperials: A Brighter Day



Squire Parsons - It Is The King Of Kings

1. It Is The King Of Kings/2. That's Where I'm Going/3. By Faith/4. Chariots Of Love/5. It's Just Another Bend/6. Redeeming Grace/7. A Night To Be Remembered/8. We Praise Thee/9. One Of These Days/10. I Find It All In Thee



Heartbeat - In Celebration Praise

1. Celebrate/2. Sacrifice Of Praise/3. As We Come With Praise (2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Psalm 149:1, 6-9)/4. Not Without A Cause/5. We Stand Redeemed/6. Father Our Love/7. Move Holy Spirit/8. Praise Him On The Trumpet/9. Sing To The Lord/10. Peace To You/11. Worthy O Worthy/12. When I Look Into Your Holiness/13. Rejoice!/14. Celebrate (Reprise)



A Geoff Mann Band - Loud Symbols

1. Obsessed/2. The Kingdom Is Coming/3. More To This/4. Never Mind/5. Crying Inside/6. What In The World/7. Signs Of War/8. Try Again/9. Find Your Feet/10. Dance



The Imperials - Let The Wind Blow

1. In The Promised Land/2. Bread Of Life/3. Let The Wind Blow/4. Jericho/5. The Deeper Meaning/6. Sing For Joy/7. Today/8. Taking The Time/9. Miracles/10. Not To Us, O Lord


The Imperials - Follow The Man With The Music

1. He's On His Way/2. More (Than You'll Ever Know)/3. If My People Will Pray/4. The Secret (I Met God In The Morning)/5. Spread A Little Love Around - God's Mighty Peace/6. Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life/7. Why Me?/8. God's Love/9. Reach Out And Touch - Two Hands/10. Follow The Man With The Music



The Imperials - Heed The Call

1. Overcomer/2. Praise The Lord/3. Oh Buddha/4. Old Man's Rubble/5. Heed The Call/6. Let Jesus Do It For You/7. Growing Stronger/8. First Morning In Heaven/9. Whenever I Speak His Name/10. My Mind Forgets A Million Things/11. He Didn't Lift Us Up To Let Us Down



The Imperials - Love Is The Thing!

1. A New World/2. A Quiet Place/3. Love Is The Thing/4. People Got To Be Free/5. Love Is Like The Sun/6. He Touched Me/7. God Speaking To You/8. For Once In My Life/9. The Cross Medley/10. I've Got Confidence/11. Sweet, Sweet Spirit/12. I Looked For Love



L.A. Mass Choir - Live! Give Him The Glory!

1. Move Right Now/2. Love Lifted Me/3. He Lives Today/4. The Lord Is Holy (Bless Ye The Lord)/5. Take Up Your Cross/6. Grace/7. Give Him The Glory/8. Revive Us Again


Perry & The Poor Boys - Saturn Light

1. Everyone Is In Love/2. St. Augustine/3. All/4. Somehow/5. The Sweater/6. The Singer/7. Love/Hate/8. Saturn Light/9. The Heaven/10. Say More/11. Will I Wait



David And The Giants - Inhabitants Of The Rock

1. Are You Ready?/2. Higher/3. I Can Depend On You/4. Moving On Up/5. To Know Him Is To Love Him/6. Fire/7. I Am Persuaded/8. Holy Rain/9. I've Been Drinking/10. You're Gonna Be Somebody



Chris Lizotte - Long Time Comin'

1. Gonna Take You Back/2. Hold Me Up/3. You Loved Me Still/4. I Wanna Know The Father/5. How Priceless/6. Heaven's Lookin Better All The Time/7. Long Time Comin'/8. In Another Place/9. Prayer Of The Unbeliever/10. Peace Be With You



Fred Field And Friends - Fred Field And Friends

1. Warms Away The Coldest Night/2. The Last Train To Heaven/3. Falling/4. Building A House/5. He Lives/6. Good Old California/7. Suffer The Little Ones/8. Country Life/9. That Morning/10. Home



Hillel Tokazier - Etz Chajim

1. Adon Olam (Lord Of The Universe)/2. Baruch She'amar (Praise To Him Who Spoke)/3. Shma Israel (Hear O Israel)/4. Ein Kamocha (None Like You)/5. Mechalkel Chajim (Supporter Of Life)/6. Ani Ma'amin (I Believe)/7. Part I - Uvne Jerushalajim (Rebuild Jerusalem)/8. Part II - Leshana Haba'a (Next Year In Jerusalem)/9. Etz Chajim Hi (The Tree Of Life)/10. Uvejom Hashabat (On The Sabbath Day)/11. Jismechu Bemal'chutcha (Those Shall Rejoice)/12. Vetaher Libenu (Cleanse Our Hearts)/13. Hodo Al Eretz (His Splendor)/14. Hodu Ki Tov (Thank The Lord)



The Street Christians - It's Been A Long Time A' Comin'

1. Hey Did You Give Some Love Today?/2. It's Been A Long Time A' Comin'/3. Touching Hands/4. Love Each Other More/5. Didn't He?/6. Clear To The End Of The Line/7. (Next Time You Think) Think Jesus Thought/8. I Just Didn't Read The Sign/9. Great Day In The Morning/10. Wanted/11. Jesus Is My Lord