L.A. Mass Choir - Live! Give Him The Glory!

1. Move Right Now/2. Love Lifted Me/3. He Lives Today/4. The Lord Is Holy (Bless Ye The Lord)/5. Take Up Your Cross/6. Grace/7. Give Him The Glory/8. Revive Us Again


Perry & The Poor Boys - Saturn Light

1. Everyone Is In Love/2. St. Augustine/3. All/4. Somehow/5. The Sweater/6. The Singer/7. Love/Hate/8. Saturn Light/9. The Heaven/10. Say More/11. Will I Wait



David And The Giants - Inhabitants Of The Rock

1. Are You Ready?/2. Higher/3. I Can Depend On You/4. Moving On Up/5. To Know Him Is To Love Him/6. Fire/7. I Am Persuaded/8. Holy Rain/9. I've Been Drinking/10. You're Gonna Be Somebody



Chris Lizotte - Long Time Comin'

1. Gonna Take You Back/2. Hold Me Up/3. You Loved Me Still/4. I Wanna Know The Father/5. How Priceless/6. Heaven's Lookin Better All The Time/7. Long Time Comin'/8. In Another Place/9. Prayer Of The Unbeliever/10. Peace Be With You



Fred Field And Friends - Fred Field And Friends

1. Warms Away The Coldest Night/2. The Last Train To Heaven/3. Falling/4. Building A House/5. He Lives/6. Good Old California/7. Suffer The Little Ones/8. Country Life/9. That Morning/10. Home



Hillel Tokazier - Etz Chajim

1. Adon Olam (Lord Of The Universe)/2. Baruch She'amar (Praise To Him Who Spoke)/3. Shma Israel (Hear O Israel)/4. Ein Kamocha (None Like You)/5. Mechalkel Chajim (Supporter Of Life)/6. Ani Ma'amin (I Believe)/7. Part I - Uvne Jerushalajim (Rebuild Jerusalem)/8. Part II - Leshana Haba'a (Next Year In Jerusalem)/9. Etz Chajim Hi (The Tree Of Life)/10. Uvejom Hashabat (On The Sabbath Day)/11. Jismechu Bemal'chutcha (Those Shall Rejoice)/12. Vetaher Libenu (Cleanse Our Hearts)/13. Hodo Al Eretz (His Splendor)/14. Hodu Ki Tov (Thank The Lord)



The Street Christians - It's Been A Long Time A' Comin'

1. Hey Did You Give Some Love Today?/2. It's Been A Long Time A' Comin'/3. Touching Hands/4. Love Each Other More/5. Didn't He?/6. Clear To The End Of The Line/7. (Next Time You Think) Think Jesus Thought/8. I Just Didn't Read The Sign/9. Great Day In The Morning/10. Wanted/11. Jesus Is My Lord