Heartbeat - In Celebration Praise

1. Celebrate/2. Sacrifice Of Praise/3. As We Come With Praise (2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Psalm 149:1, 6-9)/4. Not Without A Cause/5. We Stand Redeemed/6. Father Our Love/7. Move Holy Spirit/8. Praise Him On The Trumpet/9. Sing To The Lord/10. Peace To You/11. Worthy O Worthy/12. When I Look Into Your Holiness/13. Rejoice!/14. Celebrate (Reprise)



A Geoff Mann Band - Loud Symbols

1. Obsessed/2. The Kingdom Is Coming/3. More To This/4. Never Mind/5. Crying Inside/6. What In The World/7. Signs Of War/8. Try Again/9. Find Your Feet/10. Dance



The Imperials - Let The Wind Blow

1. In The Promised Land/2. Bread Of Life/3. Let The Wind Blow/4. Jericho/5. The Deeper Meaning/6. Sing For Joy/7. Today/8. Taking The Time/9. Miracles/10. Not To Us, O Lord


The Imperials - Follow The Man With The Music

1. He's On His Way/2. More (Than You'll Ever Know)/3. If My People Will Pray/4. The Secret (I Met God In The Morning)/5. Spread A Little Love Around - God's Mighty Peace/6. Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life/7. Why Me?/8. God's Love/9. Reach Out And Touch - Two Hands/10. Follow The Man With The Music



The Imperials - Heed The Call

1. Overcomer/2. Praise The Lord/3. Oh Buddha/4. Old Man's Rubble/5. Heed The Call/6. Let Jesus Do It For You/7. Growing Stronger/8. First Morning In Heaven/9. Whenever I Speak His Name/10. My Mind Forgets A Million Things/11. He Didn't Lift Us Up To Let Us Down



The Imperials - Love Is The Thing!

1. A New World/2. A Quiet Place/3. Love Is The Thing/4. People Got To Be Free/5. Love Is Like The Sun/6. He Touched Me/7. God Speaking To You/8. For Once In My Life/9. The Cross Medley/10. I've Got Confidence/11. Sweet, Sweet Spirit/12. I Looked For Love